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Dr. Dyer has given me my life back! I have tried many times to lose weight and been unsuccessful. However, thanks to Dr. Dyer and the ladies in this office, I am becoming more successful everyday. When I first met Dr. Dyer, he made me feel good about the decision I had made. He walked me through the process and explained what would happen. He was easy to talk to and answered all my questions. While I was in the hospital, he came to see me daily and answered all the questions I had. He even made me stay in the hospital extra days to make sure I was 100% ready to go home. He made me feel like my health was his major concern. Since the surgery, he has not stopped giving me the care I need. He was great with my family and I am glad I chose him as my doctor.
Wendy Boshere
March 16, 2011

I met Dr. Dyer when I attended the information seminar in July 2011. He was patient with my questions during the seminar and each time I met with him. After completing the necessary work for insurance purposes, I was able to schedule my surgical consult in January 2012. Once again, Dr. Dyer took the time to go over the risks and benefits of weight loss surgery. As an analytical person, this was key for me. We were able to schedule my surgery for February 14th, the best Valentine’s Day gift I could ever receive. I just went to my one-month follow-up. Thus far, I have lost 21 pounds since the surgery and 41 pounds since beginning this journey last July.

Dr. Dyer and everyone in his office, from the nurses to the dieticians and the exercise physiologist, have been very helpful when I needed answers to questions. While I have had just one little post-op issue (mostly due to my learning about what I can do and what I can’t do yet), I was able to talk to the staff and get answers within the hour that helped me adjust what I was doing to ensure future success.

The information given at the surgical consult is overwhelming at first, but the User’s Manual is priceless. I have only had one of two questions that were not easily found and understandable in the manual.

All in all, I have no complaints. Dr. Dyer and his staff told me what to expect, what could happen, and were was willing to take the time during the one time when something unexpected happened. Dr. Dyer definitely emphasized the aftercare program and I love my support group. Knowing that Dr. Dyer and his staff, as well as those in my support group, are available when I have questions or when I struggle is what will get me through this process.
Donna Jewell
March 16, 2012

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